Debre Sina sawmill factory has been inaugurated

Debre Sina sawmill factory has been inaugurated

Sawmill at Debre Sina

Debere Sina town surrounding area is covered by man-made dense forest which has been unutilized for decades. To wisely utilize these resource and to contribute for the sustainable of current industrialization, AFE has built a sawmill factory with the cost of 12.6 million birr in Debre Sina town in 2017.

The factory has different machines like trimmer, edger, logo sol, lay met etc to manufacture wood products with the necessary design and size. When the factory enters to full operation, it would create jobs for 43 workers.

Mengistu Mekibib, who is graduate of mechanical engineering from Bahir Dar University, has been working as lay met operator in this factory. He earns better salary there. Similarly, Meku Getahun, who is a graduate of machining technology in level 4, is employed in the factory and earns better salary. These youth are happy for they got a job which match with their professions.




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